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Paragon Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine

Paragon Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine

The Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine

A hard-working, economical option, the Sno Blast has Tinted High-Imapct Polycarbonate side panels & door.

Features include:

Sturdy Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction -- durable and easy to clean.
Powder-coat Paint Finish -- resists chipping.
Slanted Drain Deck -– removable, food grade plastic tray drains moisture away from the ice and extends shelf life.

1/3 HP motor, crush 500 lbs/hour
Plastic dipper included.

The Arctic Blast comes with one door

Approved as: (ETL tested to) UL 763 •CSA 22.2 •NSF 12 • CE
Volts: 120
Watts: 635
Amps: 5.3

Weight: 50.00 pounds
Dimensions: 16" X 14" X 24"


How much will my sno-cone machine produce?
Your sno-cone machine was engineered to shave 500 lbs. of cube or chunk ice per hour.
Based on the ratio that a 1/2 lb. of ice will make a 6 oz. sno-cone, the Paragon Sno-Cone
Machine will yield 1000 sno-cones per hour.

How much syrup should I use to flavor my sno-cones?
One 6 oz sno-cone will take 2 ounces of syrup – cones will not hold more than that.

Can I use block ice to make sno-cones?
You can use block ice to produce sno-cones if you first break it down into pieces 3-4 inches
in size. Ice will not fit the horn if the pieces are too large.