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Caramel Glaze Pop Pouches 48-4oz

Caramel Glaze Pop Pouches 48-4oz

Caramel Glaze Pop Pouches case of 48 - 4 oz packs

Pre-measured for convenience!

Love caramel corn? Portion Pak Foil Pouches of Caramel Glaze Pop® make it easy right in your popcorn machine kettle popper.

This sweet condiment cooks in your popper as the popcorn pops. This glaze contains a special ingredient which bonds sugar and oil together to prevent burning! Correct use of this product requires the consumer to measure the amount of kernels and oil and hold the seasoning salt. (see Popping Instructions below) Caramel Glaze Pop® is complete with molasses, brown sugar, and flavor for a fantastic taste.

Caramel Glaze Pop® will produce a lightly caramelized popcorn right in your popper kettle. It's a one step process. True Caramel Corn (a two step process) has about three times as much coating.

Popping Instructions:

Corn            Oil             Caramel Glaze Pop® Mix
4 oz             1 oz           2 oz (half of the pack)
6 or 8 oz     2 oz           4 oz

Place popping oil and corn in HOT kettle. No Salt!
Add Glaze mix when oil is melted.
Turn kettle heat off when popping is almost completed.

**Please note: The directions printed on the pouch are for an 8 oz kettle. If yours is a 4 oz kettle you will need to adjust the measurements accordingly.